‘Happiness is not a goal… it’s a by-product of a life well lived.’

(Eleanor Rousevelt)

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Night Riding

I quickly get changed into my cycling gear and prep my bike. I had only just gotten through the door after a long day of working, and I was eager to experience something different. Wanderlust consumed me, brought on by the mundane repetition of work. I craved the feeling of having the air whip across…

Cycling and Work / Life Balance

Winter is well and truly here and while not having an indoor training device, between working and the shorter days, my cycling is severely affected. My fitness has plummeted, although I am rapidly becoming an Olympic champion at comfort eating; Jealous-ridden at those who have the luxury to cycle through daylight hours and enjoy the…

Acheiving my First Century.

Starting a New Year, I’m not one of those people that set resolutions. However, seeing in the start of 2022, my focus was very much on improving what I had achieved in my cycling adventures from the previous year. I realised that I managed to complete a couple of 100k routes and naturally I thought…

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