A short Update…

if you have had to spend a significant amount of time away from cycling, you can probably relate. Work has recently took over my life and has diverted me away from my passions and I have found that frustration has set in, the burning desire to get out in the saddle is increasing. The bug is real, the addictive qualities presented by cycling, the sound of the tyres on tarmac, the wind whipping round your face, the sound of clipping into those pedals and the love of the burn on those thighs as they tackle the ever challenging climbs, . The latter probably sounding a little sadistic, yet the love of the ache and burn is real.

The worst thing which I have recently encountered is the realisation that my strength and fitness has noticeable decreased when last week I first went out. It was for me like taking 10 steps backwards but since then, I have not been able to get back out. Mindful I have an event creeping up (at the back end of September), steadily increasing the pressure. By the end of August, things will become more calmer and the much welcomed work life balance will be addressed once again, it can’t come sooner. In the meantime, I can only dream about being one with the bike.

Being mostly office based and finishing a respectable time next week, I’m looking to incorporate my cycling into my commute which is roughly 24 miles one way. To end this post on a postive, I never thought that I would enjoy a sporting activity again until I returned to cycling.


2 thoughts on “A short Update…

  1. I can relate to the sadistic pleasure you get from your thighs burning as you negotiate a challenging climb! There is nothing like cycling to give you such divine pleasure and has such a positive effect on your mental and physical health!


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