Setbacks and Autumn Joy

I’m unsure whether any of you has experienced this but sometimes it feels like life is working against you. Recently, I have been subjected to bit infections, a head cold transferred from work colleagues which started to turn into tonsilitis. Then, work commitments escalated, all preventing me from riding. The frustration mounting knowing the fitness I had accumulated throughout this year was declining.

Today, 30/10/2021 however, is the first time that I was able to venture out and the feeling of being back in the saddle elated me. Yet, fully aware that my fitness would have declined, I took it relatively easy and while not focusing on speed, timings and attempting to beat PB’s the ride was something that I needed, the cold wind whistling past my ears taking with it the frustrations and stress.

As I reached the hilltops, the majesty of autumn greeted me in all its glory with the variety of vibrant colours of the leaves and the crisp cold air was in my opinion breathtaking.

Although I am somewhat of a sun worshipper and love the summer months, once Autumn arrives it always reminds me that it is equally as magical. I will inevitably be drawn to the numbers associated with riding that is improving average speed, accomplishing more PB’s and completing specific circuits within faster times. I have managed to stay away from heart rate monitors and tacking power but I can’t say for sure whether it will remain like this in the future, the more I get into cycling.

The obligatory coffee stop was especially attractive to reward myself after such an uneventful month and Brooklands garden centre didn’t disappoint with picturesque views.

The website also hosts information for walks and cycle rides around the area which will take you through the countryside of Holmfirth.

It’s good to get back to riding and now I’m feeling tired and inspired. I have missed the experience of being out on my bike and seeing the wonderful landscape and where you can get to purely through leg power!


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