Delivering Gifts on Two Wheels

Merry Christmas to you all!

I thought I’d post an update before Christmas. This year has been a year for experiencing new things which has been something positive during these difficult times. As a youth worker delivering activities during lockdown in 2020, it was this that gave me the encouragement to get back on a bike and lead the group of young people round a park. It was from here that my passion was fueled again and now, I cannot imagine a life without riding. So much so, I endeavored to deliver gifts by bike. They live not too far from Blackpool, so I included the delivering of gifts with a ride. Below are some photos that piqued my interest:

Mural of a Sailor on the side a shop
Beach Lighthouse designed in 1839: Built by Decimus Burton and H.M. Denham

The weather was a little grim, raining and gloomy although the temperature had risen a slightly. Although, I am always dressed for the weather I seem to be fighting with appropriate covering for the feet, no matter what I do they always end up freezing. This battle, no doubt, will continue through the winter period unless anyone has any opinions and ideas? Currently, I am wearing MTB clipless shoes so from what I have seen so far, overshoes are not compatible.

Anyway, hope you all have a nice time and I wish that you all get to spend time with family during this frustrating and difficult time.


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