About In Pursuit

My name is Martin, youth worker – cyclist – vinyl enthusiast – student violinist. I mainly wanted to create a space where I could share my journey and talk about things that come to mind and that inspire me through the activities that I enjoy engaging.

Like many children in the 80’s, it was obligatory to have a bike at Christmas. Many of my bikes were BMX’s, although I had a fascination with drop handlebar bikes, Road bikes now; I’m not sure whether they were called road bikes at the time. I remember that I actually received one as a Christmas present. If memory serves me correct the model was a Peugeot and the yellow handlebar tape remains vividly in my memories.

It wasn’t up until recently that I would buy a road bike even though I liked the look of them. I have to say, I very much like my bike, the model is a Trek Emonda SL5.

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