Acheiving my First Century.

Starting a New Year, I’m not one of those people that set resolutions. However, seeing in the start of 2022, my focus was very much on improving what I had achieved in my cycling adventures from the previous year. I realised that I managed to complete a couple of 100k routes and naturally I thoughtContinue reading “Acheiving my First Century.”

Building Experience and Sportives

I’ve experienced a lot since posting last, and during these experiences I have also learnt plenty in terms of handling the bike. I have completed two more Sportives with Velo29. Both my experiences have been positive with this organisation and thoroughly enjoyed those experiences. They offer varying degrees of difficulties for each Sportive. The firstContinue reading “Building Experience and Sportives”

Completed My First Charity Event

I signed up for The Christie Charity ride from Manchester to Blackpool several months ago. At the time of signing up it seemed such a long way off, but those weeks passed by in flash. Yesterday (Sunday, 04/07/2021), I completed it and enjoyed every moment and it was many firsts for me that contributed towardsContinue reading “Completed My First Charity Event”

Riding with The Christie

Since finding my passion for riding again, I have been thinking for sometime whether I could ride for a reason and complete my first challenge. A couple of weeks ago I signed up to ride from Manchester to Blackpool, in total, the ride will cover 100k. This will be the longest I have ever riddenContinue reading “Riding with The Christie”