Night Riding

I quickly get changed into my cycling gear and prep my bike. I had only just gotten through the door after a long day of working, and I was eager to experience something different. Wanderlust consumed me, brought on by the mundane repetition of work. I craved the feeling of having the air whip acrossContinue reading “Night Riding”

Acheiving my First Century.

Starting a New Year, I’m not one of those people that set resolutions. However, seeing in the start of 2022, my focus was very much on improving what I had achieved in my cycling adventures from the previous year. I realised that I managed to complete a couple of 100k routes and naturally I thoughtContinue reading “Acheiving my First Century.”

My First Impressions of the Marin Nicasio

Admittedly I am a fairly new cyclist with only a couple of thousand miles under my belt since April 2020. Most of those miles have been achieved with my carbon bike. However, not wanting to ruin this bike having had it serviced, I bought a cheaper and more robust bike for those more arduous journeys.Continue reading “My First Impressions of the Marin Nicasio”

Setbacks and Autumn Joy

I’m unsure whether any of you has experienced this but sometimes it feels like life is working against you. Recently, I have been subjected to bit infections, a head cold transferred from work colleagues which started to turn into tonsilitis. Then, work commitments escalated, all preventing me from riding. The frustration mounting knowing the fitnessContinue reading “Setbacks and Autumn Joy”

Blackpool with a Difference

I realise that I have written at length about the sportives in which I have taken part, this time however I want to provide some insight into some of the routes I have cycled throughout this year. If you are anything like me, the thoughts of Blackpool summon kiss me quick hats, Blackpool rock andContinue reading “Blackpool with a Difference”

Completed My First Charity Event

I signed up for The Christie Charity ride from Manchester to Blackpool several months ago. At the time of signing up it seemed such a long way off, but those weeks passed by in flash. Yesterday (Sunday, 04/07/2021), I completed it and enjoyed every moment and it was many firsts for me that contributed towardsContinue reading “Completed My First Charity Event”

Insight into my Training

Not much has happened since my last post. I knuckled down and concentrated on my rides and consequently, I did not take any pictures. The weather where I live is fairly turbulent, infrequently there is nice weather but very often there are days where it continues to pour down with rain. Even though this hasContinue reading “Insight into my Training”