Cycling and Work / Life Balance

Winter is well and truly here and while not having an indoor training device, between working and the shorter days, my cycling is severely affected. My fitness has plummeted, although I am rapidly becoming an Olympic champion at comfort eating; Jealous-ridden at those who have the luxury to cycle through daylight hours and enjoy theContinue reading “Cycling and Work / Life Balance”

Delivering Gifts on Two Wheels

Merry Christmas to you all! I thought I’d post an update before Christmas. This year has been a year for experiencing new things which has been something positive during these difficult times. As a youth worker delivering activities during lockdown in 2020, it was this that gave me the encouragement to get back on aContinue reading “Delivering Gifts on Two Wheels”

Mental Health and Cycling

The excitement rises after being closed up indoors working, I feel the open air greeting me while I hear that satisfying clicking sound as I push my foot into the pedal. From that first push I feel the force of the air intensify, lapping around my face. Freedom forces any stresses of the day toContinue reading “Mental Health and Cycling”